Ffresh Talent: Reka Roberts


I just graduated from the Newport Film School.

Reka RobertsWhat are the best features about your institution?

The best features of my institution were my teachers. They were passionate about what they teach, and very caring. They were totally honest and always gave us constructive criticism as well as praise when they thought we deserve it. I had been given encouragement from my teachers when I thought I amnot good enough and thought I don’t have any talent. The fact that one of my teachers believed in the fact that I have talent, and he lots of times told me that…made me not want to give up filmmaking and carry on.

Neglected from Reka Roberts on Vimeo.

How would you describe yourself to a potential employer in ten words or less?

An employer should look for: people with lots of passion, ideas, creativity, honesty, and reliability. 

Which could you live without: Facebook or Twitter?


What software do you use?

Final Cut Pro.

How would you describe your style?

I don’t know if I have a style yet as I only been studying filmmaking 2 years, but I am close enough to understand what style I do prefer and starting to go for. I like to make very traditional documentaries with a clear Voice of God style,however I also start to like observational documentaries and planning to try out all different types of documentary styles. I believe trying out new things can surprisingly make you like new things that you always thought you would not like otherwise. So I am constantly up for a challenge! Variety makes you grow!

If you had to show one piece of work to a potential employer what would it be?

The film I would show to a potential employer would be Life in the Shadow of Secret Police, it’s filmed in Romania, and includes my father and some other people that has been influenced by communism.

Life in The Shadow of Secret Police from Reka Roberts on Vimeo.

What websites do you visit daily to find inspiring new work or industry news?

The Sheffield documentary film festival website is a good site to approach news about new emerging talents. And the meetmarket section is always in my interest about the people that had been lately commissioned. I also like to follow news about the BBC from the BBC website and Channel 4…and watchlots of documentaries on documentarystorm.com.

What would your dream job in the industry be?

My dream job in the industry would be a documentary film director/producer. This is my dream job, and to travel a lot and make lots of documentaries that can bring in new things that has never been shown before.

Mindgames from Reka Roberts on Vimeo.

Name a fellow student or upcoming filmmaker who you think will be one to watch

Jolanta Maria Buds I would recommend to watch, I also worked with her in the past, she has a very artistic style.

Name one technology you couldn’t live without and why?

I couldn’t live without a camera and a paintbrush. Not having a camera would stop me making films and not having a paintbrush would stop me paint. Originally I studied fine art and moved on to filmmaking but both is still a passion of mine. I need these 2 to be a big part of my life to be happy.

What’s your idea of a good night out?

A good night out for me could be lots of different things: cinema, theatre, classical concert, an evening in a gallery meeting other artists, or just going out dancing with my friends in a club. All depends on my mood.

See more of Reka's work at http://www.rekafalka.co.uk
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